• Ordered on weekdays before 4 p.m., delivered free to NL&BE the next business day
  • Ordered on weekdays before 4 p.m., delivered free to NL&BE the next business day

The Gene club

Save with a painting by number set for a discount


Painting by Gene's loyalty points program allows registered customers to save for a discount on your next order. You receive loyalty points with every order you place.


Benefits of the loyalty points program for registered customers

When you create an account with us, you give it the opportunity to save points and exchange them for an order at a later time. The points are an added benefit to our customers and are our way of thanking you as a regular customer.

How can you save points by number painting?

You will receive points in the following way:

  • Create an account - You will receive 20 loyalty points for creating an account with us.
  • Sign up for the newsletter - When you register for our newsletter for the first time you will receive 20 loyalty points.
  • Place an order - Every time you place an order with us you will receive points based on the price of the products. These points are added to your balance and you can view this in your account under the menu points.
  • Place a review after your order - A few days after your order you will receive an email from us with the option to enter a review. You will receive 2 loyalty points for completing an assessment.

What is the value of loyalty points?

The value of loyalty points is determined by the value in euros that you spend on our site. For every € 1 you spend, you receive € 0.10 in the form of loyalty points. One saving point is therefore worth € 0.01 cents, so you get an extra 10% extra discount.

Redeem loyalty points

You can immediately redeem loyalty points with your next order. You can select the option 'use my loyalty points' during the checkout of a next order. This option is in the payment options on the checkout page. This also shows your current point balance and the value in euros. You can combine the points with all our payment methods. The loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash. Loyalty points can only be exchanged for products in our webshop. Loyalty points can only be deducted from the subtotal. Loyalty points are not deducted from the shipping costs.

Minimum and maximum number of loyalty points

You can start redeeming from 500 loyalty points. This is equivalent to a value of € 5. The maximum number of loyalty points you can collect is 15000 points. This is equivalent to a value of € 15. Above that it is no longer possible to continue saving before you have redeemed points.

View your balance

You have the option in your account to view the balance of your loyalty points. Here you can view the total number of points and their value, the maximum number of points and a history of your point transactions. In the history, information is given for each transaction why these points have been saved or redeemed.

Validity of loyalty points

Loyalty points remain indefinitely, but they are not transferable.