• Ordered on weekdays before 4 p.m., delivered free to NL&BE the next business day
  • Ordered on weekdays before 4 p.m., delivered free to NL&BE the next business day

Create your own artwork by painting by number

How often do you visit someone's home and find that there is a beautiful piece of art on the wall? Or are you looking for a work of art that is actually rare and does not hang on anyone else's wall? The best thing about an artwork is often the story behind it. When you buy it in a special store, the seller often tells you the history of the painting. That makes the artwork or painting even more special than when you "just" buy a painting at a home improvement store.

Buying a painting or artwork in a special store also demands something from your budget. Often by the story behind it or the name of the artist who made it, you pay a decent price. Would you like to hang a special painting on the wall with a nice story? Then choose painting by number.

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Is painting by number for adults?

When painting by numbers, you are thinking of those creative packages that are often for sale for children. A craft package that includes, for example, an image of an animal or circus artist and a small instruction. The children are sweet for hours and then they have their own artwork.

Number painting for adults is slightly different. You create your own painting the way you want it on the wall. With the help of good instructions, you can make painting by number a real eye-catcher on the wall. Would you like a beautiful landscape on the wall, a special animal, a person or a character from a movie? Number painting for adults makes it all possible.

You decide in this way what will be hanging on the wall and because you choose to paint with numbers, you immediately have an artwork with its own story. Painting the number makes the final result beautiful. Choose a subject that you want to use and make number unique with number paints.

How does painting with numbers work?

Painting by numbers for adults sounds complicated. Are you not so creatively designed, but would you like to make something beautiful yourself? Then painting by numbers for adults is really something for you.

You first choose a subject that you would like to have on the wall. There are many different options, for example you can choose from:

  • Animals
  • Movie
  • Landscape
  • Persons
  • Ships
  • Cities
  • Still life

Each category has various topics. Among cities you will find, for example, the Eiffel Tower, New York and Venice. Choose a topic that suits you and what you would like to see in your living room, bedroom or other room in the house. It is important that you think about the color combinations in advance. As you see them on the examples, they are also delivered to your home with explanations and the paint colors. Have you found an artwork that suits your needs? Then painting by numbers for adults can begin.

You need this for painting by number

Paint by number is not something you have to convert your entire house. You will receive a package with all necessities from us. Your package consists of:

  • A canvas with notes for painting by numbers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brushes
  • Frame
  • Materials to hang the artwork

On the canvas you will find instructions that ensure that the end result can be just like the example you have chosen. The directions indicate which paint color is best to use and where the lines stop so you should use a different color. The ready-made painting package also includes different types of brushes so that you can use the right brush for the larger pieces, but use a different brush for the fine lines.

You are going to paint with acrylic paint. This type of paint ensures that the colors on your canvas come out even better, so that the end result is beautiful. Are you done painting by number? Then it must first dry well. Once the cloth is dry, you can attach the frame. Your painting is now ready to be hung.

Paint by number, not only fun for yourself but also as a gift

Besides that it is of course fun to have a homemade painting on the wall at home, painting by numbers for adults is also fun to give as a gift. Because of the many categories and subjects, there is always a painting that suits the one person you want to give as a gift. For example, are you looking for a unique gift for a wedding? Then order a painting with the theme of honeymoon. You paint at number one destination where the wedding couple has been. So you give a gift with an eternal memory.

Do you know someone who likes to do creative things like painting? Then painting by number for adults is also very nice to give as a gift. Nowadays it is back to being busy with creative things, so a gift like painting by numbers is highly recommended.

Painting by numbers is pure relaxation

We are all busy with our normal lives. Sometimes it can just be nice to focus on something completely different from what you normally do. Number painting for adults is therefore often seen as a relaxing activity. Your focus is only on the painting and ensure that the end result looks as beautiful as the example.

Because you are busy with the clear explanation and you will see more and more results, it is a fun activity to do next to your other hobbies. Of course it is also possible to do this together with someone. Both order a painting that suits you and enjoy the peace and quiet that paint by numbers brings. Is the painting ready? Then you both have a beautiful memory of a nice day.

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More information about our products

You will find many examples of various subjects on our website. You can order all the paintings you see and start painting by number yourself. This way you can also hang such a beautiful piece of art on the wall.

Would you like more information about our paintings or do you want to start painting by number for adults? Which can. You can always ask questions call contact us or send an email to info@paintingbygene.nl. You can place an order for painting by number via the website. You will receive your painting package at home.

Have you received your order and are you disappointed or do you prefer to choose another subject? Then you can always return your order within 14 days. You will be refunded the full amount plus the shipping costs.