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Tips and tricks for painting by numbers

Tips and tricks for painting by numbers

as you've probably already seen, you've come to the right place for painting by numbers. Maybe you recently bought a painting by number package yourself. Before you start painting, it is useful to read this article carefully. Today we show you the best tips and tricks that we can give you for painting by numbers for adults. Thanks to these tips you ensure that you will get started with the painting in the right way!

1.  Start in descending order

The most important tip is that it is wise to work in a descending order. Descending order means that you start working from a larger area and then move to smaller areas. This takes less time and helps prevent accidental stains. So start at the large areas with, for example, 1 on it and only go to the small details later.

2. The darkest color first

The second important tip is that you first use the darkest color in your cloth before going to the lightest color. This allows you to control the composition of colors much better on the canvas. This way you can see how the colors influence each other. That way painting by numbers for adults is a lot easier and more fun.

3. Avoid stains on the canvas

What many people sometimes have during painting is that their hand suddenly touches the painted area that is still wet. This creates a lot of stains. Your entire effort while painting by numbers can be ruined by one wrong move. To prevent this, first paint the top part of the canvas and then the bottom part. This tip reduces the chance of stains, which is useful if you want a good result.

4. Take good care of your brushes

When you have completed a certain part, you should always wash your brushes before continuing to the new area of ​​the painting. After washing the brush, you only start with a new part. This will help to give your cloth a fresh texture, it simply cannot mix color with it. This will bring out the colors much better.

With these tips you will also be able to start painting by numbers. If you do not have a package yet, you can order it via this site today. By taking a look at the online range you will find out in no time what the possibilities are for painting by number. Before you know it you will be able to make the most beautiful paintings by numbers!